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South West Scotland Renewables Connection Project
Scoping Report

The Scoping Process

Each overhead line is a Schedule 2 development under The Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2000.

The EIA Regulations provide for obtaining a Scoping Opinion from Scottish Ministers (as the determining authority) as to the environmental effects to be considered in the EIA. To inform the process, the Scoping Report identified aspects of the SWS Project of possible environmental significance and highlighted the key issues proposed for inclusion in the EIA, for comment. Additional objectives of the Scoping Report were:

  • to establish the availability of baseline environmental data
  • to define a survey and assessment framework from which a comprehensive overall assessment can be produced
  • to invite consultees to identify any concerns that they might have in relation to the scheme; to comment on the proposed methodologies; and to provide and receive information relevant to the scheme
  • to consider the way in which the findings are presented in the Environmental Statement.


The EIA Scoping Report for the SWS Project was submitted to the Scottish Government on 21st September 2007, with an accompanying request for a formal Scoping Opinion. The Scottish Government consulted a number of consultees on the scope of the EIA. LUC also approached a number of additional consultees for information to inform the EIA.

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Scoping Report

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Executive Summary

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